Veterinary House Calls: Top Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

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Veterinary House Calls: Top Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

To many people, veterinary house calls seem like a long, lost idea from a James Herriot-style past. In reality, house calls are making a resurgence in many locations. Read on for the top reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this trendy, veterinary practice that we know won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

1) A Luxury Service…

What is more luxurious than having the waiting room be your living room? Thats right, no more uncomfortable waiting room benches, barking dogs, screaming cats or crying kids (unless they are your own, of course). If the doctor is running late, you can wait in the comfort of your own space. Maybe, you will decide to catch up on some reading or housework? Start making dinner? Garden? Veterinary house calls  provide the freedoms you won’t find in the veterinary clinic.

2) Convenience…

This may seem like the most obvious reason, but its importance cannot be overlooked. It doesn’t get more convenient than veterinary house calls. No longer will you have to load unwilling or over-sized dogs and cats into the car and drive to the veterinary hospital. This can save you time, gas and aggravation. House calls may be especially useful to elderly owners, working families with kids, people who work from home and geriatric animals.

3) Happier Pets…

Your dogs and cats that hate the veterinary clinic won’t even know what is happening. Pets are much happier and more relaxed in their own environment. Many animals that are very anxious at the veterinary hospital may not even know they are having a veterinary appointment in their own home. Often this allows the veterinarian to be able to do a more complete and thorough physical exam which benefits your pet’s longterm health. A house call veterinary service may be especially important to people with animals with fear aggression, animal to animal aggression, car sickness, or geriatric animals with physical disabilities. Although veterinary house calls may be very useful for routine, preventative care, there are certain situations in which house calls are not a viable option. Situations unsuitable for house calls include emergency medicine and conditions that may require X-rays, ultrasound, hospitalization or surgery.

4) At-Home Euthanasia…

On a more somber note, veterinary house calls may be most useful for end of life decisions and at-home euthanasia. Often an owner’s biggest regret about euthanizing a pet in a veterinary clinic may be that the last moments of the pet’s life were in a place that created the most anxiety throughout its life. At-home euthanasia avoids this situation by creating a peaceful, anxiety-free exit from this world.  The animal can be in its favorite, familiar spot in its own house often surrounded by loved ones.

For more information on Cottonwood Creek Veterinary Services’ house call service, please check out our website and call to schedule an appointment.


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